How much to feed a German Shepherd puppy – German shepherd food amount.

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Are you conscious about your Puppy Food ? or How much to feed a German Shepherd puppy ? Calm Down ! here you will get answer of all your Questions.

As we know German shepherd puppy is also a type of Dog, so all the Dog and Puppy have Same Diet/Food plan. Here I will share How much to feed a German Shepherd puppy or German Shepherd Food amount.

How much to feed a German Shepherd puppy

Some important deliberations before Starting German Shepherd Puppy Feed.

Make sure your puppy must be of 30 days or more than 30 days old before you start feeding him, Reason behind this is The First Milk of Mother is Effective on their health throughout the life.

GSD are herd dogs with purely Carnivore diet plan Mean they have Non vegetarian diet Plan. They are not Fully Omnivores.

Animal protein and fat are vital for their Healthy skin, muscle and Strength. German Shepherd are prone to skin related disorder and most sensitive to food allergies. German shepherd is pre disposed to many Genetically disorders. Their effect is more visible with improper nutrition. They also need carbohydrates, Vinegar, Vitamins and Fat Acids.

Diet Chart For German Shepherd Puppy – German Shepherd puppy feeding chart.


Puppy age (0-30 Days)         –  Only Mother Milk / Quality Milk.

Puppy age (30 -60 Days)     –  Keep Puppy with mother, Feed Moistened. Milk,High Quality Starter Food is  Recommended.

Puppy Age (2 – 4 Months)                            

Transition Phase Begins from Wet to Dry.  Introductory face for Natural Food will commence at 3-month age. Milk Replacer + starter food (half Quantity) + Puppy Food (Half Quantity) 3 times a day. Increase dry food Quantity with 10 % Weekly Rate. Introduce Boiled Rice at 3-month Age (with little bit boiled vegetable). Avoid chicken now but begin giving boiled fish and minced chicken liver 30 -40 gram every Alternative day Also Boiled apple can be started at 3 months age.This phase is also important for GSD Training also check out our Article about how to train a German Shepherd Puppy.


Puppy Age (4 – 6 Months)

Complete Dry food Now 3 times a daily. Single or with plain khichadi/minced chicken liver 50 gm / Salmon oil 5ml. Raw or Boiled chicken / lam meat can be introduced with 100 200 gm every alternative day. Boil egg 1 can be introduced every day depending on outside weather. Introduce fresh Green vegetable fruits as a snack every day. Boiled pumpkin Along 150 – 200Gm can be given along with Get-well powder 5g.

Puppy Age (6-12 Months)

Puppy dry food (2 times daily) with minced chicken liver 60-80 gm / 1 boiled egg minced / salmon oil 10ml.Avoid rice (no need).Raw bone with meat / raw meat(Freeze then Bring to Normal Temp) every Alternative day. Boiled chicken 200 gm can be given instead raw meat Not available. Fresh Vegetable fruits as snack daily. Boiled pumpkin 200 300 gm daily with 10 gm Gut well powder.

Puppy age (12-15 Months)

Food Transition face from puppy to adults with 10 % every week. (One time Feeding Only) with two boiled eggs minced / salmon oil 15ml / Chicken liver 60 to 80 gram. Boiled Chicken / raw meat / raw meat / fish (200-300gm) every alternative day. Fresh Vegetable fruits as snack daily. Boiled pumpkin 300 gm with 15g Gut-well powder. No need of Rice recipes.

Adult Age (15 months Onwards)

One-time adult food / one boiled egg minced / salmon oil 15ml. Boiled meat / Raw meat / Fish once’s after 2 days (No alternative days). Fresh Vegetable and Fruits daily. Boiled pumpkin 300 gm daily with 20gm Gut well Powder daily or Alternative days.

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