How to train a German Shepherd Puppy

How to train a German Shepherd Puppy

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The German Shepherd is a breed of average sized dog that is initiated in Germany. The breed was Generally known as Alsatian. The dog is famous for the look after of the sheep because of their Intelligence, eager and acquiescence. The German Shepherd is second most well known breed by American kennel Club.  

Best Time to Start Training of German Shepherd Puppy - German shepherd training age

Time to start training matters A lot, a puppy German shepherd is easily shaped into required personality. Start training a german shepherd when he/she is 7 to 8 weeks old. Remember that your puppy is like your baby he doesn’t understand your Verbal’s and nonverbal’s. Want to know the lifespan of German Shepherd ,  refer to our another article How old do German Shepherds live.

5 Easiest way to train a German Shepherd puppy.

German shepherd training commands

Basic Command Training - German shepherd training commands.

  German shepherd training commands. This is the initial step of Training and it is a essential for all the other training practices. In the process your German shepherd is introduced to training process and acquire his first basic Command .
  1. First thing your German Shepherd need is to acknowledge his name
  2. Come, Go, Stay etc. Associate these commands with action or Gesture.
  3. Your command must be short or Straight forward.
  4. Always use the same words again and again.
  5. 95 % of dogs remembers command in 5 iterations.

Potty Training - How to potty train a German shepherd puppy.

First Rule need to learn is to urinate in a specific place. take benefit of new environment. Crate training can help you a lot to make him understand not to make dirty the are where he lives. Assign a particular area where your puppy should make potty it can maybe yard or potty pad etc.

Crate Training.

Crate training can help you in numerous ways like
  1.  Control Aggressive behaviors
  2. Helps a lot to potty train.
  3. Make him feel safe and comfortable.
Some Requirements of Crate
  • Enough space to stand, turn around and sleep comfortably.
  • Bottom should be smooth and soft.
  • Fresh water and food close to crate.
  • Put some toys in crate to play with them.
Place the crate in a place where your German shepherd spends most of the time. Recommend place is bedroom.

How long it takes for crate trainings

Each German shepherd is Different the is no exact time frame. it could take days or weeks.

Leash training.

Leash training                                                                                                               Leash training One of the Important Training is leash training. It helps to keep your German Shepherd safe and contrary whenever you take him outside. The best time to start leash training is when your German shepherd is puppy in this way he will lean adequate quickly. Finding a Right collar or leash is mandatory it should be soft smith and short. Leash pulling is a main problem while training it is a natural behavior so don’t worry and don’t yell. You can also use pause method to train him.

Sop biting - How to discipline a German shepherd puppy.

   Sop biting

There are many reasons when German shepherd start using their mouth it could be:
  1. Teeth start to Grow – So they practice.
  2. Didn’t get Proper training when they are puppy.
  3. They use their mouth to explore, taste and play with different objects.
This is something you should know biting is totally a normal thing. It is not specific about your German shepherd. To let your German shepherd, know biting is not good discourage him when they bite.

How to train a German shepherd puppy not to bite.

You start playing with German shepherd they may bite you Accidentally or intentionally you make a yelp sound to show that you are hurt. Your hands go limp, you ignore the puppy for some times. Your German shepherd witness something is gone wrong in this way he will not do it again. This way he may associate biting with prohibited behavior and may not repeat it.

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